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Biomedical Research

Biomedical Research is research that is conducted to increase fundamental knowledge and understanding of the physical, chemical and functional mechanisms of human life processes and diseases. 

What distinguishes us from our competitors is God.  Our research process involves God, inquiring of Him to help us understand His creation- mankind, as well as the cause and cures for diseases.

Working from our own patent pending model of the Full Life Cycle of Mankind, We engage in Basic, Applied and Clinical Research.

 Basic or “pure” Research: Research conducted to increase the base knowledge and understanding of the physical, chemical, and functional mechanisms of life processes and disease. It is fundamental and not directed to solving any particular biomedical problem in humans or animals. This type of research often involves observing, describing, measuring, and experimental manipulation and provides the building blocks upon which the other types of research (applied and clinical) are based. A basic researcher seeks to add to the store of knowledge about how living things work. A basic researcher’s experiments add pieces to the immensely complex puzzles of life. [1]

 Applied Research: Research that is directed towards specific objectives such as the development of a new drug, therapy, or surgical procedure. It involves the application of existing knowledge, much of which is obtained through basic research, to a specific biomedical problem. Applied research can be conducted with animals, non-animal alternatives such as computer models or tissue cultures, or with humans. 

 Clinical Research: Using the knowledge gained in basic and applied research to conduct research (generally with humans) in treating disease or dysfunction in a new way. 

Biological Models System: A system that can be observed instead of the original system, human or animal, that is of ultimate interest to the research.

Researchers use models because they help to answer questions that could not be answered using the original system with the technology and methods that exist. By using a model, researchers increase their ability to isolate and study certain features that would be too complex to study or impossible to isolate in the original system.[1]

[1] Definitions courtesy of http://statesforbiomed.org/education/background-on-biomedical-research/biomedical-research-definitions/

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