Our Philosophy

We are here as a vehicle to facilitate economic independence for members of the community who have traditionally been oppressed; namely members of the black community who ancestors were brought against their will to America on slave ships. Our eyes are keen on the needs of the black community, in particular members of the house of Judah and the house of Joseph.

However, though our focus is on serving as a means of recompense for the tribes of Judah and Joseph, our philosophy requires us to work together with all people to advance the interests of God.

Our Story

Colette, Inc. was established in 1996 as a woman-owned, minority-owned secular corporation.  In April, 2013 the CEO of Colette, Inc. was informed of a new purpose and mission for the corporation.  After a 5 year sabbatical, wherein the doors of Colette, Inc. were closed for business, in May, 2018 the doors of Colette, Inc. were reopened with a new focus and vision.

Colette, Inc. is a religious corporation owned and operated by God.  Our goal is to advance the interests of God in business transactions and endeavors He chooses to engage in with members of external religious organizations and the secular community. While we anticipate engaging in a variety of opportunities, our primary objective is to be the instrument through which the LORD God of Israel raises up a new generation of entrepreneurs and scientists.

Next Steps...

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